How It Works

Calling has never been so EASY!

CloseChat is a social networking app to connect with your dear ones; make free voice and video calls. Register for Free. You can transfer files. Make HD-Quality Video calls and send worldwide over Wi-Fi or 3G, 4G, LTE network for Free. Use CloseChat on your iPad, iPhone simultaneously, it's optimized for iPhone and iPad. Works on Android devices as well. Send invitation via message, connect with your friends, make voice and video calls, make phone call to any network any number, send SMS, create group. Membership: 99cents once a year paid any time during the year for those in the US or equivalent in your local currency around the globe as a membership support will keep the CloseChat App giving, connecting and making contacts keep contacting Keep Connected with your dear ones. Have a Conversation!

How CloseChat works:

  1. CloseChat works with the contacts of the device
  2. It Easily access or sync the contacts list of your device.
  3. CloseChat works with Wi-Fi & 3G & 4G, LTE connection. You just need working internet connection to use CloseChat.
  4. Sync button allow the user to sync the contact manually
  5. You can send invitation to expand your network use "+" sign (plus sign) beside each contact
  6. Sending invitation will never cost to you. It's free.
  7. Friend request will appear at the top of the contact list, it will be green in color.
  8. You can accept it using the "right sign" or deny friend request by touching "X" sign.
  9. To be connected on CloseChat, you need to Invite and connect friends; this establishes the ability to enjoy the app, perform Free Voice & Video calling and Text Chatting by using Internet (Wi-Fi & 3G & 4G, LTE).
  10. Members have free InApp/network usage Voice & Video calling, Text messaging/chatting
  11. To call outside the CloseChat, i.e. Phone Calls & SMS; user may not be in friend list.
  12. You can literally reach anyone in the world; try it! User can call anyone or send SMS to anyone who ever in their contact list and appearing inside the CloseChat application.
  13. Calling outside CloseChat i.e. making Phone call & SMS requires Credit
  14. Balance in the user account.
  15. Fund your account via our website or Inside yor Application
  16. Create Groups by Clicking on the Group icon (2nd from left) at the top of the screen; This function allows the user to create groups or assign any contact to an existing group.
  17. Users can access the Chat History via the Chat Icon (1st icon Top-Left). It provides the access to check existing Chat History.