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How login works:

By registering with CloseChat App, your user account has been created. You can use you login information to use CloseChat for all mobile platforms and your account in our website. A centralized account always helps you to keep track all of your contacts, by logged into your CloseChat account you can add funds to your account in order to use Phone Calling and SMS services worldwide.

We never store your payment information

CloseChat never store your payment information. Which means you must have to input all the required information during each funding session. As the account funded all the information regarding your payment source will be removed from our system forever.

Why need login to add fund to account

User of CloseChat must have to logged into their account before they want to add funds to their account. It makes sure that the user having an working account and the funded amount add credit balance to the corresponding account. Which enable all the paid facilities of CloseChat and user can avail all those facilities from any mobile they logged in with the same account credential.